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What You Can Do in Your Spare Time

The whole point of heading to a destination like Malta to learn English is to also have fun. After all, you can’t be in the classroom 24/7, but you can still learn the language without realising it because you are out and about, having fun while interacting with people who are speaking English. You’ll be speaking English fluently before you know it.

Luckily, Malta has something for everyone in terms of extracurricular activities. If you love history and architecture, Malta is covered in unique historical sights, from temples that are thousands of years old and cathedrals to palaces and forts. It also features a wide range of architectural styles, from Baroque to Greek Byzantine.

If you also enjoy a little more activity than just walking from one beautiful sight to the next, Malta definitely has something to offer you, from golfing, tennis, squash, and cricket to windsurfing, sailing, and diving. Horseback riding is also quite popular as is skeet shooting. And, of course, there’s the basketball, cycling, rugby, abseiling, climbing and more.

Though, as you can see, there’s plenty to do in Malta, we have to touch a little more on diving because of the unique experiences it offers. Many people come to Malta specifically for the amazing diving opportunities because the clarity and calmness of the sea mean diving conditions are amazing. The depths are also varied, ranging from shallow at 12 metres to quite deep at over 50 metres.

If you’ve never gone diving, don’t worry because diving courses are available. There is also a wide range of diving activities so you can fully experience the underwater beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course, if you just want to kick back and relax, that’s certainly an option as well. After all, Malta has some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see and there’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as relaxing with a tasty drink and soaking up a little sunshine while feasting your eyes on the amazing scenery Malta offers.

Malta’s nightlife is also nothing to scoff at, so if you love to dance and socialise, Malta will definitely more than fulfil your desires.

So, clearly, there’s plenty to see and do in Malta, and considering the lovely weather, you really have no excuse not to get started learning English.

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