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Learning a new language is a daunting undertaking for many, but in today’s day and age, knowing English is vital to success on a personal and professional level. Much of our daily lives involve English in some shape or form, and those who can speak the language will always have an advantage over those who don’t.

However, most people simply don’t have the time necessary to learn a new language on their own. And even when they do have the time, there always seem to be other priorities. This is why learning a language by taking a trip specifically to do so to a beautiful country like Malta is an ideal way to finally gain those English skills that would make your life so much easier.

Then again, going to a foreign country can seem just as daunting as learning a new language, which is why I founded this site. My mission is to bring you the best English language courses from the best language schools in Malta. The goal is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make a fully informed decision regarding which courses to take and what school to attend.

I have been living and working in Malta for 11 years, and have gotten to know the people and the island extremely well. I’ve also worked in tourism and know how amazing this country is. And I’m putting all my knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Through this site:

  • you’ll learn all about Malta and why it’s one of the best places to learn English in;
  • you’ll discover the best language schools on the island;
  • you’ll get to know the course offerings and receive advice on picking the right school and course for your needs;
  • you’ll find out what else you can do while you’re learning English because boredom will definitely have a negative impact on your ability to learn a new language.


One thing Malta is not is boring! So, come on in and let me show you the wonderful world of learning English in Malta!