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Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Anama.pl acts as an agent for the schools featured on the website and is designed to provide transparent and impartial information on the best English language schools in Malta. The schools that we represent have been selected based on personal experience and customer feedback.


Enrolment of a student is done by filling out an online form. Once availability has been confirmed, the student will then receive written confirmation of enrolment, as well an invoice based on which payment can be made.

If you require a visa, it is recommended that you start the proceedings at least 6 weeks before the date of departure.

Reservation Changes

Fees will not be charged if changes to reservation details are communicated within X days of receipt of confirmation of the booking. Upgrades or extensions to the booking made with the same school will not be charged. In other cases, a few of X will be charged for changes made and the school has the right to pass any additional costs caused by the changes to the student.


You may cancel your enrolment at any point before the course starts, but you must communicate your desire for cancellation in writing. Cancellation charges are as follows:


All booking and payment information is absolutely confidential.

Notice of Improper Service

If you receive improper service during your language course, you have the obligation to inform the management of the school right away and to ask for the situation to be remedied. By ignoring this obligation, you forfeit any rights to remedy.


All prices are equivalent to the prices charged by the schools. We do not charge any fees for students booking through us.


Payment is made via a fully secure payment gateway from a third party provider.

Other Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the providing language school also apply when booking one of their courses.

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