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Junior Courses  and Summer Camps for Children

English language schools in Malta also have programmes and courses tailored for younger students. Malta is a fun and safe environment, which is why it has become such a popular destination for young students.

Thus, courses are tailored towards children and teenagers, while a team of highly dedicated, experienced and fully qualified teachers ensure that junior students receive the best possible English language education and care.

These courses are designed specifically for young learners and cater to different levels and ages, ensuring your child will always feel comfortable and happy but will also be constantly progressing.

Most schools will provide a wide range of services for children, including organising extracurricular activities, but all activities are structured around the idea of immersing the students in the language they are learning. The more they practise in informal but real-life settings, the faster they will gain the skills and confidence they need to communicate in English in any situation.

Some English language schools in Malta provide a summer camp option for children with separate campuses featuring everything a child might need onsite. Summer camps can be combined with adult courses for family programmes so while the child is having fun and learning English on one campus, you can brush up on your English skills to at a nearby campus.

So, if you want your child to become proficient in English, there’s no better way than through one of the many fully immersive courses available in Malta. Your child will be speaking English before you know it simply because of the way these courses are structured. Emphasis is placed on making the entire experience enjoyable and fun, which ensures your child will be fully engaged and will be able to better remember what they learn because of it.

Forget about the traditional holiday you take your child on this year and instead book a junior English course now! Not only will you be offering your child a holiday they’ll never forget, but you’ll also be helping them gain a powerful skill that will increase their chances of being successful as an adult.

  • Tailored Towards Children And Teenagers – recommended for the younger age groups.
  • Designed For Young Learners  – the lessons cater to different levels and ages.
  • Exposure To Language – the language is practiced during out of class activities in informal but real life settings.
  • Dedication To Students– the young learners can learn all the skills as quickly as possible.

Don’t delay and book a spot now in a junior English course before all the places fill up!

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