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Language Schools

Anama.pl is committed to bringing you the best English language schools in Malta. Every school presented on our website has been thoroughly vetted, with a wide range of factors being analysed to ensure that you will always be more than satisfied with your experience, regardless of which school you pick.

Thus, we looked at everything from the quality of the teaching and the variety of language courses on offer to the school’s reputation and dedication to offering a great experience for their students. However, more importantly, we talked to former and current students regarding their experiences, and have only chosen to present those schools that have received rave reviews.

Why Use Our Services?

To help you learn all about Malta and confidently find the best-suited school to learn English in.

We will help you to get to know the course offerings and will provide advice on picking the right school and course for your needs.

To provide clear information with regards to the school, bookings, enrolments and cancellation requirements.

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