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Specialised Courses

English language schools in Malta also offer specialised courses covering a wide range of subjects. These courses also referred to as English for Specific Purposes courses, are designed for people who are working in certain profession or industry and wish to learn the terminology specific to their field.

The ultimate goal of these courses is to ensure that you learn the English terminology you need to understand and know in your working life. These courses also cover other aspects and not just vocabulary. For example, a course teaching English for the legal profession might also teach various types of law, presentation skills, expression and more.

Some of the types of specialised English courses you can find include:

  • English for the aviation industry;
  • English for programmers and the computing field;
  • English for the tourism industry;
  • English for the healthcare industry;
  • English for legal professions;
  • English for the banking and finance industry;
  • English for the field of architecture;
  • English for the field of education…and more.

Some of these English courses can get very specific, such as English courses for scuba divers, or even courses to help doctors who already know English learn to express themselves so they can attend and make presentations at medical congresses.

If none of these many specialised courses meet your particular needs, there is always the option of taking a one-on-one course in which the lessons will be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • Wide Array Of Topics – recommended for those with interest in particular domains.
  • Specialised – designed for people who are working in certain profession or industry.
  • Tailor Made– also cover other aspects interesting to the trade, e.g. types of laws, and not just vocabulary.
  • Student Dedication – you can learn all the skills as quickly as possible.

So, if you want to be able to express yourself and understand all the pertinent terminology of your profession, then sign up for a specialised English course today!

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